Transform Your Property in One Day!

Whether you want to turn a weedy lawn into a lush carpet of green, or you are constructing a new home or business, you know the impact that sod can make. Get an instant improvement, dense turf that is resistant to erosion, weeds, and pests.

What to Expect

Prior to installing your turf, we will prepare the surface area to receive the sod. This may require light grading and an application of topsoil to ensure the new sod easily takes root. We will be sure to discuss with you.

We harvest our premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod at sunrise on the same day we deliver and install it. This gives you the highest quality product and allows the turf to take root without ever drying out.

We can usually complete your project within a day. Then, your new lawn should be immediately watered until the soil is soaked.

We provide sod services from the time the frost is out until it freezes again in the fall.

Getting New Sod?

It’s the perfect time to add landscaping and have an irrigation system installed.